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India’s manufacturing sector is poised for tremendous growth and for it to achieve its ambitious Goal it is essential to have trained skilled manpower. The need for Automation in manufacturing across various sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Machine Tool, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Power, Transportation, etc., will result in substantial increase in the demand for technically skilled and trained personnel.

According to Industry Sources there is a huge gap to fill this demand, due to shortage of well-trained and hands-on experienced Candidates. Further the fast-changing nature of automation technology requires the candidates to continuously improve their skill-set.


Vikriya, a Branch of Vertex Systems Limited, understands these needs and equips candidates with the knowledge to not only be industry-ready but also to be ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving technological space.

Our aim is to assist aspiring candidates to update their skills with the latest technology and to enable them to achieve Success in their careers. The institutional training provided at Vikriya equips students with hands-on experience in CNC part programming through its CNC training module based on German Vocational Curriculum.

The module assures a close-to-reality training experience for producing a part. The student is also equipped with essential practical knowledge for understanding and operating the CNC Machine.

The students enrolled at Vikriya will be presented with a wider range of opportunities across many industrial sectors that in turn, improves employability. Our institute provides CNC training in Fanuc and exposure to controllers such as Siemens and Heidenhain. To broaden exposure in the field of automation technology, the training provides students with direct access to a well-structured German curriculum. In addition to this, students get to regularly interact with Experts from Germany and other renowned engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu.

At Vikriya, care is taken to maintain a suitable student-teacher ratio ensuring that each student receives personal attention and guidance.


The Parent Company, Vertex Systems Limited, had provided a wide range of services, in the past, to varied and diverse clients in engineering, Service and Software in Europe and USA and is providing IT Enabled Services for Clients in USA for the last 20 Years.


Cad2Cam Pro LLC is our USA based subsidiary company operating out of Richmond, Virginia. It will provide similar Services, as provided by Vikriya in India, for Candidates in USA.

Leveraging Vikriya’s talented Alumni Network, Cad2Cam Pro will provide organizations with CNC Programming Solutions.